3 Awesome Recommendations on Speed Up WordPress Site From Unlikely Websites

Squarespace makes it easy to integrate functionality for portfolios, blogs and commerce sites in one package, instead of having to patch it together on your own, how to speed up wordpress Casalena added. It also offers commerce sites the ability to sell products online and in-person with a point of sale system, and sell services, accept donations and book appointments. If you sell any services through flat package rates, you can easily set them up as products.

With Squarespace, the free version of your site is set to private by default — while you can turn it live, it will be hidden from search engines and only accessible with the URL. While the end results from each site can be similar, their user interfaces and pricing are very different.

  1. Go to “Plugins” from your WordPress dashboard
  2. Clear (purge) cached files via WP-CLI
  3. For your SSH hostname, enter your instances public ip address
  4. I can’t seem to block spam from my comments section

You can also see a desktop and mobile preview of your site. You can click an icon to switch between the desktop version and a mobile preview of your site. First, search through options for what your site is about to find some starting ideas and examples, ranging from a personal resume site to education to fitness. Some presentation options that can be applied to the vertical menu areas include a skewed layout that displays your menu at an interesting angle, the full-screen menu that when activated, covers the entire page with your navigation links, and an icon option that gives you the ability to add vector graphics to your menus.

6. Lightbox plugin will add a new functionality in the way image are viewed on your blog. It’s the quick-and-dirty-hack way to debug, but everyone has done it one time or another. If they don’t have the password, though, there’s no way for them to get in. Only problem is, you don’t know where to get started. Shoot a lot then get the best parts.


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